What is a Postal Code of PS4 or PS5?

PS4 or PS5

In the ever growing world of gaming, Playstation is also becoming more and more popular. Now this gaming is available from our mobiles to play station and it is better and better game, a new world of gaming has come into being.

If you use the Play Station, it is necessary to create an account for it first because without creating an account you cannot play the game on it. Now we know that between account creation you need postal code and where to get this code and how to apply it.

Postal Code

Postal is a special identifier of any area. We have divided each area of the world by a code. In order to identify the area, if we want to send something, we can reach the area through this code, we call it postal code.

How to Find Postal Code of PS4

Either you will create a PSN account in the hostel code, then first of all you will be asked for your personal information and lastly you will be given an address. We will also discuss the benefits and where to find this postal now we will tell you how to find it by following this method.

How to Find Postal Code for Playstation

  • For this, first of all you have to go to google and you have to search world postal code“, there you will find a website on the first number.
Postal Code for Playstation
  • You will get the list of all the countries of the world on the first page. You have to select the one you belong to.
  • After that you have to select your city
Postal Code for Playstation
  • Even after selecting the city, you will get many regions, which region is available in this city, now you have to see your region, which region is there and open it.
Postal Code for Playstation
  • After selecting you will find its postal code below which is the best way.

Other Method With Map

Another good method is mentioned in this, a google map is given, whichever area you select from this map, you will get the postal code of that area.

Example of Postal Code

AreaPostal Code
Abbotsford EastV3G
Barkakana Nts829103

Final Words

If any information is missing from here, you can comment below, hope you can make your account better. That’s what I was trying to do in this post that you can create your account according to the policy of Playstation so that this account will work properly and you will get better features.

New York Postal Code for PSN

PSN account as you know Playstation first go to PSN Account then we can play it now download games in it when you create this account Some of the information asked for includes a postal code. Now what would this code be in New York, you can see in the table below.

Postal Code PS4 United States

If you belong to United States and you have a PlayStation, then you want to put a postal code in it, then you have come to the right place. If you want to go, you will find the link below and you can go to this website and see the code of any city and area of the United States.

CityPostal Code
New York10001
Yorktown Heights10598

England Postcode for PS4

White CityW12
Jewett City06351
City of WestminsterW2
East London5201
East London5208
East London5211
East London5217
East London5241
East London5247
East London5205
East London5214


Let me tell you through a story how I found postal code I also had a play session so I was creating a psn account while creating I was asked about the poster code now what should I do with the postal code? I never knew about it before, nor did I ever know it, now what happened is that I googled it, what is the postcode, so I got some information, now I wrote the name of my area and the postcode. When I wrote it, there were many postal codes, now I was not able to confirm which postal code is there, I wrote one of them and next it became my account, but when I found that this postal code was not for my area then I went to my nearest post office and asked for my code. Now I know my zip code because it is very important to verify my address.


This is because it sets the account according to your region if any games or anything that is blocked in your region won’t be in your account as well as tracking your account by IP. But postal code is also a better option

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