Natural Salon Price List (Packages) Updated in November 2023

In a world where beauty standards are ever-evolving, the allure of natural salon services has captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts. From organic hair treatments to chemical-free facials, natural salons offer a unique and rejuvenating experience. To guide you through the world of natural beauty, we’ve curated a detailed price list encompassing various services that cater to your holistic well-being.

Natural Salon Price List (Packages)

A Natural Salon Price List will provide you with a comprehensive choice of treatments to meet your beauty and relaxation demands. Some of the most common services you’ll find on such a list are as follows:

  • Hair Services
  • Skincare
  • Nail Care
  • Body Treatments
  • Waxing and Hair Removal
  • Packages
  • Add-Ons
  • Consultations
  • Memberships
Natural Salon Women Hair Styling  PricesRate
Women Hair Cut₹ 450
Fringe / Bangs₹ 200
Change of Styling₹ 1000
Layer Cut₹ 700
Kids Cut₹ 750
Hair Wash and Deep Conditioning₹ 400
Blow Dry₹ 700
Hair Wash and Deep Conditioning₹ 400

Natural Salon Men’s Hair Styling  Prices

Natural Salon Men Hair Styling Prices
Hair Cut₹ 300
Shave₹ 120
Kids Cut₹ 250
Beard Styling₹ 300
Beard Trim₹ 180
Hair Wash₹ 150

Naturals Salon Hair Color Prices

Women’s Hair ColoringPrice
Root Touch Up – Basic Color₹ 1000
Root Touch Up – Ammonia Free Colour₹ 1400
Global₹ 3000 / 4000
Fashion Colour – Global₹ 3200 / 4200
Global – Highlights₹ 5000
Block Colouring (Per Block)₹ 1000
Colour Correction₹ 4100
Men’s Hair Coloring₹ 500

Naturals Salon Hair Straightening Prices

Women’s Hair StraighteningPrice
Hair Smoothening Cost in Naturals₹ 5000 / 6000
Smooth Straight₹ 7000 / 9000
Retouch₹ 4000
Partial Curling / Straightening₹ 3500

Naturals Salon Healthy Hair Spa Prices

Hair SPAPrice
Classic Hair SPA Price in Naturals₹ 800 / 900
Moisturising Hair SPA₹ 800 / 900
Colour Save Hair SPA₹ 1100 / 1200
Frizz Ease₹ 1100 / 1200
Repair and Rejuvenate₹ 1100 / 1200
Anti hairfall Treatment₹ 1100 / 1200
Anti Dandruff Treatment₹ 1200

Naturals Salon Facials Prices

Naturals Facial ServicesPrice
Classic RefreshClean Up – Oily to Dry₹ 700
Classic Refresh Clean Up – Acne Prone₹ 900
Pure Moist Facial Price₹ 1850
Back Facial Price₹ 1700
Fruit Refresh Facial Price₹ 3000
Hydra Moist Facial Price₹ 2400
Gold Facial Price₹ 1800
Under Eye Rejuvenation Facial Price₹ 950

Naturals Salon Waxing Prices

Classic Waxing for WomenPrice
Full Arms Waxing Price₹ 280
Half Arms Waxing Price₹ 350
Full Legs Waxing Price₹ 370
Half Legs Waxing Price₹ 470
Underarms Waxing Price₹ 160
Full Waxing Waxing Price (Full Arms + Full Legs + Under Arms)₹1100
Full Back Waxing Price₹ 600
Full Front Waxing Price₹ 600
Midriff Waxing Price₹ 450
Chin Waxing Price₹ 200
Upper Lip Waxing Price₹ 240
Face Waxing Price₹ 450
Bikini Line Waxing Price₹ 800
Full Bikini Line Waxing Price₹ 1100
Full Body Waxing Price₹ 2200

Naturals Salon Reflexology Prices

Hand Reflexology₹ 300
Foot Reflexology₹ 350 / 500
Back and Neck Reflexology₹ 500
Indian Head Massage (Women)₹ 600
Indian Head Massage (Men)₹ 400

Naturals Salon Threading Prices

Threading TypePrice
Eyebrows Threading Price₹ 40
Upper Lip Threading Price₹ 40
Lower Lip Threading Price₹ 40
Side Threading Price₹ 40
Forehead Threading Price₹ 60
Chin / Neck Threading Price₹ 100
Full Face Threading Price₹ 120

Organic Haircuts

Experience the art of hair sculpting with our expert stylists using natural, chemical-free products. Our organic haircuts not only enhance your aesthetic appeal but also promote the overall health of your hair.

2.2 Ayurvedic Hair Treatments

Indulge in the richness of Ayurveda with our specialized hair treatments. Tailored to your unique hair type, these treatments use Ayurvedic herbs and oils to nourish and rejuvenate your locks.

2.3 Natural Hair Coloring

Embrace a spectrum of colors without compromising on natural ingredients. Our natural hair coloring services provide vibrant hues without the use of harmful chemicals.

3. Skin Rejuvenation

3.1 Organic Facials

Pamper your skin with our organic facial treatments that utilize natural ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate, and revitalize. Unwind as our skilled aestheticians bring out your skin’s natural radiance.

3.2 Herbal Peels

Bid farewell to dull skin with our herbal peels. Harnessing the power of nature, these peels gently remove impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed.

4. Holistic Body Therapies

4.1 Aromatherapy Massage

Immerse yourself in relaxation with our aromatherapy massage. Essential oils derived from plants enhance the therapeutic benefits, providing a sensory journey for your mind and body.

4.2 Detoxifying Body Wraps

Cleanse and rejuvenate with our detoxifying body wraps. Infused with natural ingredients, these wraps promote circulation and leave your skin feeling toned and revitalized.

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