Does Save Wizard Work on PS5?

If you are a PS5 owner, you must be wondering whether you can use Save Wizard on PS5 or not, then you have come to the right place, we will tell you about it with details.

Save Wizard

Save Wizard helps gamers to customize cheats and transfer data between different consoles.Using it you can change your save file in different ways. Gamers use it in such a way that they save their cheats file and wherever they want, connect it to the console through USB and use these cheats codes in games.

Does Save Wizard Work on PS5?

Save Wizard Work on PS5?

As for Save Wizard, it only works best for PS4 games, but if you have a PS5, it will work best for all PS4 games that have been saved, but not for PS5. It will not work for the latest game that has been added but soon it will be available for PS5 as well, it is updated daily for some games.

How to Work Save Wizard on PS5?

Copy Date PS5 TO Save Wizard

Save Wizard is like a USB, first you have to connect it to your Playstation, then you have to go to the settings of PS5. After that, you will find many options there, if you go down, you will get the highest option, you have to click on it, you have to select PS5, then you will get the save data option. After that you have to give health and go there and copy Dave. Here you will find many games that you have installed and played, if you want to copy any of them you have to select and copy the data.

Apply Cheats Code

Now the question must be coming in your mind that how we apply the Cheats Code, I am going to tell you here.

Apply Cheats Code
  • Now we have to copy the game and connect it to any PC computer through USB, so first of all we will apply the Save Wazird profile in it, after that we will apply the cheats code.
Save Wazird
  • Open the Save Wizard and go to My Save File, select the game and click Left.
Save Wizard
  • Click Quic Modify > System> Resources> Max Resources > Units Then Apply Now
  • Then Downloading Some Files

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Will The ‘Save Wizard’ Brand Continue?

As you know, the Save Wizard team has been creating cheats for over thirty years already, so there’s no doubt that you’ll be creating cheats as well. will be even better as they have updated more and have better staff available.


Yes no you can’t buy it from any store you have to go to their official website to buy it if you find it in any other store then it is not officially available as their website says That they have not given licenses to any company and store.

Yes you can save the downloaded game in PS5 you have to press the option button and then you have to click on save data download then from there you will be able to save this game in all settings You will get it

Is there an alternative for Save Wizard?

If you don’t have Save Wazid then you can choose this better option as its alternative is playersquared which is also used for saving games and cracking and coding the game. You can go to the official website and you will also find it available in the market.


My purpose of writing this article is that I can give you the right information. If you have any question regarding the information, you can ask in the comments below. We are here for you.

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