Can You Play SSX Tricky on PS5 or PC?

can you play ssx tricky on ps5

SSX Tricky on PS5: If you came to this post, you must be crazy about skateboarding game, I am also crazy about it, you must have SSX Tricky game and want to know if we can play it in the latest Playstation or not. I know, so let’s talk about it. I also have a play station let’s see if it plays this game.

The purpose of this post is to play SSX Tricky game in PlayStation, then we discuss how to play this game in PlayStation 5 or not, if not, what could be the reason. Yes, we will tell you all the details, you don’t need to go to any other website.

If you haven’t played Sxx Tricky game before then you are very unlucky because this game is so great if you have any play station you must play it because I have not found any better skating game yet.

Can You Play SSX Tricky on PS5?

Because this game is very old and has been playing for a long time I also had an old play session in which I played this game after playing it I saw that people are playing it on PlayStation 5. are also ready for and now we’ll talk about how you can play with it.

SSX Tricky

This game was released in 2001 but still its graphics are considered very good because at that time there was not so much advanced technology but still this game uses very good graphics.

SSX Tricky is very old game i used to play it in 55 but now this game has been updated with time that’s the nature of this company which has updated itself now it’s called SSX 3 with good graphics. Now we will know what it is, can we play it in PS5 or not, so don’t leave this post, it must be done till the end, so let’s talk more about this game. This game is a multiplayer game in the world of skating you won’t find a better game-up anywhere.

Can you Play SSX Tricky on PS5

I got the SSX game from my farm house because I used to play it as a kid and there when I started cleaning, I got this game there. Tried a lot to find out if I can play it on the latest Playstation or not, then I found out after researching and I put it on my PS5 and it didn’t open, that means it’s on the Playstation 2. Can run for PS5 not for PS5 but you don’t need to panic and worry because this company has updated its app and also released its latest model we will know about it further. That we can play it or not.

SSX Tricky Cannot Play PS5

Is SSX Online Multiplayer?

These days, a game won’t be on the market for very long if there is no online multiplayer mode. Any game you play today likely has an online multiplayer component because it is so widespread. The SSX game now features an online multiplayer option that allows you to play with your friends.


One day I was watching gaming videos on YouTube and suddenly a video of a skating game appeared in front of me. I saw that this video was very old but I liked this game very much. After then I did some research and it turned out to be the game SXX Tricky and this game I wanted to play now. 4 can’t play playstation 2 now i asked my friend to find somewhere and he brought playstation 2 from some old factory then after we played this game in it my experience Yes, I tell you that this game is very good and with excellent graphics.

Can you Play SSX Tricky on PC?

Now as we have computer after play station which is present in every house now I checked that maybe I can play it in my computer or laptop so I researched about it too. I got some information that we can run it but for that we need an emulator now I am very happy that I can run it easily in my PC using this emulator. Downloaded and after download then run this game then this game actually run so i can say that we can run it in pc.

Can you Play SSX Tricky on PC?


The bottom line is that there is no way we can play it for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. You can only play it for 2 because it is only available for 2. It is built for and not updated as soon as it will be updated for new version we will let you know on this website soon.

So every game must have multipayer mode because now it’s not possible to play games without it, here we are talking about SSX Tricky game because this game is very old so it didn’t have multiplayer mode. But in SSX 3 the update released has multiplayer mode so this game is still running fine.

Yes if a game has multiplayer mode and can’t play it online it can’t happen so in this game with multiplayer mode you can play it online that’s why I like it my friends Enjoy this game with skating which I already love so much.

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